The Dulwich Forest


Our Forest is Growing! 成长吧,我们的公益林!

In partnership with CEPF, we have now planted a total of 8122 tea trees and 40 camphor trees in Hubei!

One of the highlights of the school year is the annual Dulwich photo competition. Since its founding eight years ago, students, alumni, teachers and staff from our family of schools and Dehong sister schools have contributed breathtaking photos that showcase the awesome creativity and unique perspectives of our large community.

In the last two years, we wanted to create even more community impact — so, we committed to planting one tree for every ten photo entries received.

We are delighted to share that, in partnership with China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF), we have now planted a total of 8122 tea trees and 40 camphor trees in Hubei!

Our community forest, located in Yantang Village, Lichuan, Hubei Province, is part of a larger poverty-relief, non-commercial forest planting initiative by the China Environmental Protection Foundation. By planting this forest, we hope to support improvements to the local ecological environment, while also contribute to the local economy by providing new job opportunities. We are delighted to be the first education organisation to be a part of this project.

Our Group Manager of Sustainability and Global Citizenship Grace Hu shares:"The China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF) project of planting trees and securing livelihoods is a great example of how we can better connect our own actions with the powerful actions of others and work as a global community towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals."

The trees planted today will eventually reach towering heights — a process that we hope will mirror the growth of our students into global citizens, and the increasing positive impact our Dulwich family will bring to the world.

与中华环境保护基金会合作,我们现已在湖北共种植了 8122 棵茶树和 40 棵香樟树!


而在过去的两年中,我们希望能够创造更大的社区影响力——因此我们承诺,每收到 10 张参赛作品就种植一棵树。

而我们很高兴地宣布,与中华环境保护基金会合作,我们现已在湖北共种植了 8122 棵茶树和 40 棵香樟树!


我们集团可持续发展及全球公民意识部门的经理 Grace Hu 分享道:“中国环境保护基金会(CEPF)植树项目是一个很好的例子,通过它的有效实施,可以让我们更好地将自己的行动与他人的行动有力结合起来,并作为一个全球社区为实现联合国可持续发展目标而努力。”


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